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  • Summer 2023 Newsletter

    The North Cheshire Rail Users Group have published their Summer  Newsletter ....

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  • Halton Curve Campaign

    29th February 2020

    The North Cheshire Rail Users Group was last night officially recognised for 30 years hard work ....

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  • Frodsham Footbridge Project

    8th December 2019

    A temporary scaffold footbridge will now NOT be provided at Frodsham ....

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  • Castle Park Semaphore Signal Unveiling

    1st June 2019

    30 years of campaigning officially came to an end today on Saturday 1st June as two semaphore signals were unveiled in Castle Park .....

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  • The Halton Curve

    19th May 2019

    The Halton curve finally opened on 19th May 2019 ....

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  • The Early Days of NCRUG

    23rd May 2019

    A look back at the early days NCRUG and its first chairman ....

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Branch Line Society News

10th September 2016

The Branch Line Society illustrious news magazine "BLN" dated 10th September 2016, No 1264, reports that the Rossett/Saltney Junction redoubling has a new target date.

This piece of infrastructure improvement will "eventually" fundamentally affect services around Chester and service possibilities over Halton Curve when they are introduced.
The "BLN" states that ..

"Although the second track was completed in 2015, it remains out of use and Network Rail now confirms that there will be no work on the project this year.

The reason quoted is that replacement of faulty signal cable was not included in the £44m project budget.

A possession is now planned for 24th March to 1st April 2017 to complete the installation, with commissioning and line speed improvements to be implemented over the weekend of 9/10th April".
A link to the Network Rail press release can be found at:
The delays in rebuilding this seemingly simple piece of infrastructure have been very disappointing.

It was ripped out at the time of stringent cuts to British Railways when the Wrexham bypass was constructed and the DfT insisted the line was singled and came very close to complete closure.

We will still be left with a long single line section from Rossett to Wrexham North Junction.

Hopefully current policies on infrastructure improvements by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) and"RailNorth" will lead to a rosier future for rail around Chester.


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