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  • Spring 2022 Newsletter

    The North Cheshire Rail Users Group have published their Spring Newsletter ....

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  • Halton Curve Campaign

    29th February 2020

    The North Cheshire Rail Users Group was last night officially recognised for 30 years hard work ....

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  • Frodsham Footbridge Project

    8th December 2019

    A temporary scaffold footbridge will now NOT be provided at Frodsham ....

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  • Castle Park Semaphore Signal Unveiling

    1st June 2019

    30 years of campaigning officially came to an end today on Saturday 1st June as two semaphore signals were unveiled in Castle Park .....

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  • The Halton Curve

    19th May 2019

    The Halton curve finally opened on 19th May 2019 ....

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  • The Early Days of NCRUG

    23rd May 2019

    A look back at the early days NCRUG and its first chairman ....

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North East Wales Metro

14th March 2017

The Welsh Government has grand plans for a 'Metro' network in South Wales, and a North Wales equivalent has also been mentioned, although with out much detail until now. A document called 'Moving North Wales Forward' has now been issued, and can be downloaded in PDF from the Government website.

It has lots of maps, charts and diagrams, and a long list of proposed road improvements, plus a list of Rail improvements which is something of a rag-bag, including things already under way, and aspirations for a distant future:

1. Capacity Improvements, Chester Station: development of options to accommodate increased number of rail services through the station.
2. Integrated Transport Hubs and Improved Rail Access, Deeside: development of options to improve access by rail, bus and active travel to key employment sites in Deeside.
3. Integrated Transport Hubs, Wrexham: development of options to improve rail / bus / active travel [walking and cycling] interchange at Wrexham General Station and other key locations within the Wrexham catchment area.
4. Electrification of the North Wales Coast Main Line continue to work with partners to make the case for investment by the UK Government in this scheme to improve access to HS2 and the wider UK market.
5. Rail Capacity Improvements between Wrexham and Chester: development of options for further capacity improvements to facilitate additional rail services.
6. Signalling and Linespeed Improvements on the North Wales Coast Main Line: to be delivered by Network Rail and will facilitate faster and more reliable rail journeys.
7. Linespeed Improvements on the Wrexham Bidston Line: development of options to facilitate faster and more reliable rail journeys.
8. Holyhead Port Rail Freight Facilities: work with partners to identify opportunities to develop rail freight facilities at Holyhead Port and promote transfer of freight from road to rail.
9. New Wales and Borders Franchise: continue preparation of specification for new franchise to operate from 2018.
10. Direct Rail Services to Liverpool via Halton Curve: development of services between North Wales and Liverpool via Liverpool Airport using a re-opened Halton Curve.


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