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  • Liverpool Here We Come

    10th June 2018

    Sunday 10th June was a significant milestone in the history of the North Cheshire Rail Users Group .... 

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  • Helsby Footbridge

    13th June 2018

    Helsby Footbridge works have started and two temporary footbridges are now in place ....

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  • Winter Newsletter

    7th February 2018

    NCRUG have published their latest newsletter for Winter 2018 ....

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  • Halton Curve Upgrade

    2nd February 2018

    The next stage of the Halton Curve upgrade gets underway .....

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  • Cheshire Best Kept Stations

    23rd January 2018

    Frodsham is Cheshire's Best Kept Station 2017 ....

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  • Halton Curve Project

    18th November 2017

    Work is continuing on the Halton Curve Project ....

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Reduced Bus Services

4th April 2016

Effective from 4th April 2016 ...

Passengers arriving at Bank Quay with "Plusbus" tickets will find the service much reduced from 4th April 2016.

The former twenty minute "Centreline Service No. 101"; which connected Warrington Central, the Warrington Interchange( Bus Station) and Warrington Bank Quay has been withdrawn. The following "Service" is now provided!
Services to Bank Quay from Warrington Interchange ( Bus Station):-
Service Numbers follow the departure times, arrival is 3 minutes later!
07.25  (12), 07.55 (12) , 08.25 (12), 08.55 (12), 09.20 (12), 09.40 (10C), 10.10 (12A), 10.40 (10C), 12.10 (12A), 12.40 (10C), 13.10 (12A), 13.40 (10C), 14.10 (12A).
Services to Warrington Interchange ( Bus Station) from Bank Quay
Buses leave from the bus stop on the opposite side of the road to the station buildings:-
Service Numbers follow the departure times, arrival is approx. 25 minutes later!.
07.58 (12), 08.28 (12), 08.58 (12), 10.13 (12A), 12.13 (12A), 13.13 (12A).
There are no scheduled services from the Bus Stop on the Station Buildings side of the road and a notice within explains that intending passengers should walk to Sankey Street with a large arrow pointing the way.

A  map would have been helpful to show appropriate Bus Stops and Service destinations for passengers.
There are "Contract" Bus Services from the Bus Stop near the Station Buildings but these are for the by specific Company Employees Only.
The former "Centreline" service was frequent at twenty minutes but the service took a good twenty minutes to reach the Central Station and Transport Interchange and the Bus Stop was not convenient to use especially in the rain or wind as it is in an exposed location very close to the road.
The alternative is to walk into the town centre following the signposted route; walking time is about twenty minutes to the  Warrington Interchange and Warrington Central.


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